The calling of the inner soul

It can be so hard to capture the soul and its workings. This did a good job of it.


Feel it…..
The beating of the soul…
Dressed as a heart….
It beats and beats and beats….
Pumping and pumping it goes.

Blood flows faster,
As how it was called,
By the calling of the soul,
To do what it wants to do.

What is there to wait,
It screams from within,
So loud though without voice.

The calling then spreads,
All around the body,
It moves in the form of a harmony,
Together flowing in actions,
Which speaks in a different voice.

Move… moves…
Such rhythm,
such music,
We see what it really wants to do,
The rhythm that is,
The calling of the inner soul.

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I'm a writer and an even bigger reader. Cat lover. Dreamer with a wandering soul. I'm twenty-three years old, obviously, and I have been writing since I was a teenager. I had major writer's block when I was at university and so now I'm trying to get out of it and express myself with this site.

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