Meet Pill


Meg Pill – Canada

I’m a writer and an even bigger reader. Cat lover. Dreamer with a wandering soul.

I’m twenty-three years old, and I have been writing since I was a teenager. I had major writer’s block when I was at university. I’ve really missed writing, same for the little part of me that lights up when I’m working on something.

IMG_5609I typically write fiction romance pieces. I’m also easily scared, so every now and then I’ll write a thriller. Tidbits and my own quotes are generally my non-fiction feelings I’m experiencing.

Besides spending my time with books and my cat, Sox, I love listening to music and writing. I read more than a book per week last year, and I’m always on my Goodreads account finding more. I’m also pretty active, if you don’t include going to the gym. I’m always on some kind of soccer team and I love being outdoors and travelling.

Hanging over the CN Tower in Toronto.

 My life motto right now is to go with the flow. Despite this, I’m an easily irritable, emotionally sensitive person. To get it all out, instead of going on socially unacceptable melt downs and rampages, I write. Either little quotes and one-liners, or paragraphs and stories.

I thought I’d share them.


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