The Struggle

I feel like I’m losing my damn mind, like your face has been carved into my heart, and I don’t remember when and I don’t remember why, but the scar is there, and I can’t get it to heal. It won’t go. I can’t make it fade. And you won’t even look at me.

Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken.

Having a weak moment. I find you in everything,  and you won’t even look at me.


The Moment

After you’ve thought it all through. After you’ve decided. After you tell your fiancé you can’t marry her. After you break her heart. After you throw away four years together.

Before you shamefully tell your parents.  Before you move out and she keeps the dog. Before you find your things on the curb in the rain.

The moment you are free to be together. The moment you begin the conversation that will last a lifetime. The moment your eyes meet and playful conversation takes on a new meaning.  The moment you realize how close you are standing isn’t close enough. The moment the What If becomes What Is. The moment you give in to everything you’ve held back since you first met.

Lips part, hands touch, bodies meet.

The moment you realize it was worth it.

Quotes {4}

They had passion, chemistry and love, but they had a fundamental difference they couldn’t get past. She was a dog person and he was a cat person.

If you love her, why aren’t you in bed with her? Why are you out here talking to me instead?

Hold me like you know me.

I may not deserve someone ten times better than you, but I definitely deserve someone who actually wants me.

There’s nothing quite like the trap you set for yourself.

I put all my cards on the table and she showed them all to him.


When I Remember Us

I miss you.

Not the person that annoyed, frustrated or hurt me, the one I’ve gotten used to, but the other one.

I miss the guy who used to share his smiles with me, and his warmth as we lied together, his arm around me and his breath on my neck. I miss the laughs we had, during adventures only we shared. I miss our conversations about our favourite tv shows and teams, things in common I only shared with you.

When I remember us, I don’t understand why you don’t want to be together anymore.

Exposed & Uncomfortable

“What are you doing?” He shouts, uncomfortable with what he just saw.

“I was getting changed!” She responds, like this is perfectly reasonable. If that were true, she wouldn’t be half-hidden and crouched down behind a desk, he thinks.

He throws out his hands and questions, “In a room filled with windows?”

“It was dark!”

As if that justifies it.

“You could have locked the door!” He says, before he walks out and waits outside. He feels his cheek, which is now a bright shade of pink. That’s just like her. Keeping him on his toes, as usual.

The calling of the inner soul

It can be so hard to capture the soul and its workings. This did a good job of it.


Feel it…..
The beating of the soul…
Dressed as a heart….
It beats and beats and beats….
Pumping and pumping it goes.

Blood flows faster,
As how it was called,
By the calling of the soul,
To do what it wants to do.

What is there to wait,
It screams from within,
So loud though without voice.

The calling then spreads,
All around the body,
It moves in the form of a harmony,
Together flowing in actions,
Which speaks in a different voice.

Move… moves…
Such rhythm,
such music,
We see what it really wants to do,
The rhythm that is,
The calling of the inner soul.

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I Spy

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